Things to see

An erupting volcano
A glacier
An active geyser
The Cretaceous/Tertiary -
(KT) boundary
A river whose discharge is-
above bankful stage
A limestone cave
An open pit mine
A subsurface mine
An ophiolite
An anorthosite complex
A slot canyon
An exfoliation dome
A layered igneous intrusion
Coastlines along the leading -
and trailing edge of a -
tectonic plate
A ginkgo tree
Living and fossilized -
A field of glacial erratics
A large catastrophic mass -
wasting event
A sand dune more than 200 -
feet high
A fjord
A caldera
A recently formed fault scarp
A sizable breccias
An actively accreting river -
A natural bridge
A large sinkhole
A glacial outwash plain
A sea stack
A house sized glacial erratic
An underground lake or river
The Continental Divide
Fluorescent and phosphorescent -
Petrified trees
Lava tubes
Booming sands
Stalactites/ Stalagmites

Things to do

Feel an earthquake
Find dinosaur footprints in situ
Find a Trilobite
Find gold
Witness a tsunami
Experience a volcanic ash fall
Find a meteorite fragment
Experience a sandstorm
Experience totality
Witness a tornado
Witness a meteor storm
View Saturn and its moons
Swim in a hot spring at the
foot of a glacier
Look up at the Aurora Borealis
Be near icebergs
View a great naked eye comet
Fall in love again
Watch a lunar eclipse
View a distant galaxy
Experience a hurricane
Stand under noctilucent clouds
Walk through an ancient -
Redwood grove
Stand under the bottom of a -
Observe the Green Flash
Witness a supernova
Witness hail 3 inches or -
larger falling from the sky