Surtur and Surtla (an unconsummated romance from 1964)

A diary

On Saturday, December 28th, a news flash in a good way. Although the news was a little obscure and unfounded news in new places had been heard before, it was thought advisable to warn against the probability.

Next morning - steam rising and considerable signs of unquietness showed. At 13:30, over this, we remained for about three quarters of an hour, ie. between 13:55 and 14:45. There was no doubt what was going on (nowhere but under the surface). Our guess - active, similar and a direct continuation.

The distance - it is not uncommon.(Sometimes a little on the side, at an appreciable distance and considerably later) a new fissure opens extending from the first. That was the case of M. 1725-1729 and S. of 1875. Often, it may be a debatable point whether such a thing should be looked upon as part of the other or whether the whole should be considered more than one.

It was of great interest to see the first act of the drama, which we had not witnessed, re-enacted in this way. Occasionally, in between there were blackouts. Quick flashes causing the ocean to quiver. We had become so familiar.

Activity seemed to be on the increase. All the time it went on at full blast. We felt almost certain when we made our next flight. They were not free from worry. It was all moving closer.

This scene did not develop in the way we had anticipated. We flew at 10:30 the next morning, December 30th. It had slackened somewhat, and on New Year’s Eve I could not help thinking - it would never be possible to determine whether it had begun in 1963 or 1964. But Surtla never appeared.

On January 6th, it was shown to be not quite over. These dots were the last signs of activity. A precipitous ridge had risen, and it may be assumed that it had already started to demolish then.