Hello Hello!!!

I am writing to cordially invite you to the 30th birthday celebration of myself and the Eldfell volcanic cone.


October 2 - October 4


The Eldfell volcanic cone,
on the island of Heimaey off the Southern coast of Iceland

Departure meeting point:

I will be flying from the local Reykjavik airport on October 2 on the 12:00 noon flight to Vestmannaeyjar, returning to Reykjavik on October 4 at 12:45.

You may be asking yourself if I am serious about this invite and the answer is absolutely yes, as let's face it, you and a landmass only turn 30 at (almost) exactly the same time once!

For ticket information you can go to:


I got mine there afew days ago cheap -

All the best and hope to see you at the crater!!!!!!!


Hi Ilana,

Good to hear from you. Hope all is well in NYC.

Would you like us to include your invitation to sort of ads section of 24/7 newspaper? Maybe it will bring some surprise crowd to the crater. Please let me know.

Greetings from Vilnius.


Hello R.,

Glad to hear you have returned well to your home country - someday I would like to visit to see where la mia famiglia is from. In relation to printing the invitation in 24/7, I must unfortunately decline if it is to be in the ad section of the first edition. Here is why:

Though the Eldfell birthday event in fact will most probably exist as theoretical party planning only (though not completely as I have just had my first RSVP response as a 'Yes, I would be happy to attend') I have tried as faithfully as possible to draw up a guest list as if the actual party would happen on the allotted days, keeping in mind who would get along with who while climbing up a volcanic cone with birthday cake in hand in potentially hazardous weather conditions, who I have met in my (almost) 30 years who have expressed a passion or interest in the unexpected magnificence that can be found on the foot of an active volcano and, quite importantly, who are people who I like very much and therefore would be most happy to spend my 30th birthday with.

Yes, a tall order for a potentially small party, but it is in this theoretical party planning task that I would like to make official how life could be, the ways we meet, how we are part of a super long time scale in slow and fast time, as is evidenced by a shared birthday with a volcano.

You are most welcome to publish this correspondence regarding the invitation, instead of the invite in and of itself in the first edition, and additionally are welcome to publish the invite in the second edition, should it appear after October 4th, as documentation of the celebrated event.

All the best,


Hello Ilana

Very nice to hear from you. I was excited to receive this invite because it has come at just the right time! I am planning my trip to Akureyri in Oct and booked flights today. I will be arriving in Reykavik on Wed 1st October at 21.40. I am thinking about staying at the youth hostel for the night.

I would love to join you in celebrating your 30th.What are you plans for accommodation in Heimaey? and when do you arrive in Reykavik? ....all very exciting.Will look up flights at airiceland at times you gave me. Look forward to hearing from you.

K. x

Dear K.,

Yay!!!! Very exciting indeed! I arrive in Reykjavik at around 6:30 or 7 in the morning... I would suggest staying at the Salvation Army Guest House instead of at the youth hostel - though I have never stayed there myself - I do know it's farther out of the center of town, where as the Salavation Army is totally central - and I think they are pretty much the same price.

In Heimaey - I have made no arrangements so far - other than that I got my ticket and am very excited. I have heard there is a great youth hostel on Heimaey - so that seems like a good option - I gotta do some reasearch - but as October is no longer high tourist season - shouldn't be too hard to find a place.

This is what I am theoretically planning:

Go straight from the airport to the bus station where (hopefully) I can check my big bag though I am not quite sure what time they open the baggage hold) and then go to a wee swimming pool I like which is not far from the Salvation Army and is in the right direction for the local airport...then - swim, hot tub, head to airport, go to Heimaey!

Alternatively, if the baggage place is closed early in the morning - go to the Salvation Army and drop my stuff off in their baggage hold, as I will plan on staying there on the night of October 4 cause I leave for Glasgow the 5th. So - if you stay at the Salvation Army Guesthouse - we could meet there if you like. Crazy I know - this specific planning - but - happily, Iceland is the kind of place you can do this! I am very excited for you that you are going and it would be very fun if you can go to Heimaey too - or if that doesn't work out - at least a swim before you go up North and I go to the island!

All best,


Dear Ilana,

Even though I was born on Heimaey in the Westman Islands, I have never been upon the Eldfell. One fine day I will do this. My birthday will be on the 5th so it could have been a nice opportunity, but hopefully I will be in Barcelona for the whole month of October. By the way do you know of a flat to rent there (at a reasonable price?) But I hope you will have a wonderful time, and wish you all the best in life and work.

Yours for now,
H. H.

Dear Ilana,

What a wonderful invitation--the best I've yet received...I do so regret that I am unable to attend the festivities in Iceland. However, I am ready to celebrate in NYC, and look forward to witnessing any documentation of the historic event.

How did you come across the exact age of the Eldfell site?

I wish you well in your journey and hope many others can go in my stead.


Best wishes for your birthday - probably can't make it (going to Akureyri over Christmas) but sounds good. Strangely enough just noticed in my Icelandic book that I share my birthday with Eldfell (23rd Jan) - unfortunately I'm four years older.

Hope all's good . I'm still in Huddersfield but all over the place from next month.